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Derrick Santini, London, UK, “Inverse Red Pole, 2012. Courtesy the artist and Tomorrow Stars.


"Verge is an international platform for the most exciting and interesting in new and emerging art. Verge exists to establish boundaries of the extraordinary as a counter to the natural compulsion towards stagnation in the way art is evaluated and delivered to the public. Staying true to this necessary state for the advancement of art requires a sustained focus on the best new ideas and practices of those marginal or newly emerging to international art audiences. The satisfaction of this fixed requirement for a healthy and competitive artistic culture is at the core of Verge as an international exposition of the highest quality artistic production and the galleries, museums and audiences who sustain it.

Verge is an ongoing experiment in art, markets, ideas and the art culture.

This abstract, written in 2009, encapsulates the simple philosophy behind Verge. While Verge in fact has operated only as an art fair throughout the inaugural years of its development, it has always functioned as a public experiment. Galleries and exhibitors pay for space, basically utilizing the "real estate" fair model to present artworks for sale, as every art fair in the world does. In exchange, we have striven to maintain the focus of the experiment on the development of artistic ideas.

The product of a writer--Michael Workman--and an artist--Edouard Steinhauer--the intial vision to take the fair model into experimental territory, beyond the trading floor concept, has served to converge audience and participant expectations alike. Form and content need not operate out of alignment. Verge plays with the practice of an art fair by making art available through special programs, such as Tomorrow Stars and specially-devised artist's platforms, to provide something more for living artists: an objective and critically evaluated opportunity to participate in the marketplace on the merit of their own ideas. Without this component, visual art offers only a partial way of viewing the impulse to imagination, which is not possible without appeal to the flaws and brilliant turns in our humanity. That's the true cost of admission in pursuit of something better. Verge works with museums, galleries, art schools, critics, collectors, academics, curators and artists alike to strive to provide a compelling reflection on the public discussion of who we are today.





Verge Art Fair is an exposition of new contemporary and emerging art currently staging events in Miami and New York. Verge accepts internship inquiries on an ongoing basis from organized, efficient, and hard working interns to assist with production of our fairs, both on-site during the events and at our offices in Chicago. Interns will receive the opportunity to be fully immersed in the international emerging and contemporary art scene, while simultaneously learning important aspects of entrepreneurship in the art world’s commercial sector, curatorial protocol and business best practices. Duties may include a wide range of exposition production, including legal, marketing and PR, budgeting, client relationship management, critical event and curatorial services management, gallery research, with opportunities for writing and editing, and much more.

Internship opportunities with Verge provide great experience for college students and/or recent college graduates. This is a non-paid internship, college credit available depending on institution.

Interns must be able to work a minimum of 12-16 hours per week. The most qualified applicants will be able to attend internship responsibilities for a minimum 30-hour weekly schedule on a minimum 3-week project basis. Must be reliable, and have great people skills, be able to provide your own transportation and be comfortable in a casual work environment. Additional plusses: experience with Excel, a good phone manner, ability to work from your own laptop, work independently and aggressively problem-solve.

Current internship position availability for Fall 2012 (begins September; minimum engagement ends December):

Duties may include a wide range of press liaison tasks, maintaining correspondence, publication listings, press release and editorial query management, with opportunities for writing and editing, and much more.

Duties may include liaising with Verge Miami artist and gallery exhibitors, coordinating operations details, editing and updating information in the exhibitor manual, and much more.

Please send a copy of your resume to for opportunities in our Chicago office, with "Verge Intern" in the subject line. Please include a no-longer than 300 word introductory letter explaining your interest in emerging and contemporary art, and briefly explain your reason for wanting to work for an art fair. No phone calls please.